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Aathvaan Vachan Story, Wiki & Details

All about Aathvaan Vachan story, synopsis, wiki, tv show details and other in depth information
Aathvaan Vachan story, wiki & information
Aathvaan Vachan

The story focuses on the life of a mentally challenged girl Urmi, who is a huge worry to her parents. Being mentally imbalanced, she is considered a burden on her family, and a menace to everyone around except her older sister Manali. They are very close to each other as if they are joined by an umbilical cord from their birth. Manali loves her sister and does not want to leave her alone; therefore, refuses to pursue her career and get married. This unusual bond only confirms that they are there for each other. But this situation put Manali's parents' into a major problem, because as Manali is aging they are worring about her marriage. Contrarily, they also worry about how they will handle Urmi once Manali gets married and goes to her home. They worry if Urmi's mental status be a hindrance in Manali's happiness.

But one vary day, Manali meets a guy name Aadesh who happens to be her hidden lover for a long time. Aadesh wants to get married to Manali, but Manali refuses as she feels her priority is to take care of her younger sister Urmi. Hearing this, Aadesh promises that he will look after Urmi even after their marriage. The family is shocked with Aadeshâs decision but he goes a step further by renewing his promise to Manali, while taking his 8th marriage vow of taking care of Urmi. While life for Urmi continues to be fun and games at her sisterâs in-laws's, fate has other plans for her.

It was hinted that Manali dies and it did happen, that Manali dies leaving Urmi in Aadeshâs care. They both miss Manali.

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