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Balika Vadhu Story, Wiki & Details

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Balika Vadhu story, wiki & information
Balika Vadhu

Balika Vadhu is an Indian television drama series that premiered on 21 July 2008 on Colors TV. It also telecasts on Raj Network as Man Vasanai in Tamil, on Maa TV as Chinnari Pellikuthuru in Telugu and on RTV Pink as Ðала невеÑÑа in Serbian. The story deals with child marriage, a social custom that is still practiced in some parts of India despite being banned. It is one of the most popular shows and has been running for more than four years. It also completed 1000 episodes on 14 May 2012. The show is set to reach 1100 episodes on 28 September 2012.

The story revolves around a rich, feudalistic household in Rajasthan. It consists of a domineering matriarch Kalyani, her two sons Basant (Satyajit Sharma) and Bhairav (Anup Soni), Bhairav's wife Sumitra (Smita Bansal), and his children Sughna (Vibha Anand) and Jagdish (Avinash Mukharjee). The story begins with the marriage of the young boy Jagdish with Anandi (Avika Gor), a girl of his age. The matriarch, Kalyani Devi and her family are highly respected around her village and the other villages around it. Thus, when a supposedly poor family get their daughter, Anandi, married to Kalyani's grandson, Jagdish, they feel that they have fixed their daughter's life. But when Anandi reaches her sasuraal (in laws home), she finds herself listening to her dadi-sa, Kalyani Devi. Little by little, Anandi's childish mistakes get her into trouble in the hands of Kalyani and one day Kalyani locks her in a dark room. This scares Anandi, and when she is freed she runs away to her parents, Bhagwati(Bhairavi Raichura) and Khajaan Singh(Chetanya Adib). This breaks the heart of Sumitra, Anandi's mother-in-law who gave her a lot of love. When Anandi is brought back to her in laws, Bhairav Kalyani's younger son, convinces Kalyani to be nice to Anandi.

Subsequent subplot includes the marriage of Basant to a girl much younger than him, because of the Kalyani's greed for an heir. His first wife Jamna died when she was pregnant because of this reason. A few months after Jamna's death Kalyani got Basant married to a poor, young girl named Gehna(Neha Marda) who was young enough to be Basant's daughter. After marriage it was shown that Gehna was abused by Basant and Kalyani. When she faced enough abuse she rebelled against both of them. It is also shown that Anandi's teenage sister in law Sughna in law is married to a boy named Pratap, who also belongs to a very rich family.

In the beginning Sughna and Pratap meet secretly because Sugna's parents don't want her to become a mother at such a young age and face the same fate as Jamna. Soon it comes time for Sughna to go to her in laws, and a celebration is held. On the way to the ceremony Pratap's family is robbed and he is killed in the process of rescuing them from some goons. Pratap's body is brought to Sughna's house and Sughna's greif is unbearable when she sees him dead.

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