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CID story, wiki & information

C.I.D. is an Indian crime detective series that airs on Sony TV. It is about a team of detectives belonging to the Crime Investigation Department in Mumbai. The protagonist of the show is Shivaji Satam. C.I.D. is the longest-running TV series in India. Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Pradyuman, Senior Inspectors Abhijeet and Daya, Inspectors Fredricks and Sachin, Sub-Inspectors Vivek, Nikhil and Purvi, Forensic Experts Dr. Salunkhe and Dr. Tarika are among the main characters.

Each episode of C.I.D. starts with a member of the team describing the events of a crime, which is followed by the crime being occurred, and the C.I.D being called out to interrogate the case. Occasionally, while the crime is being committed, the team is usually having fun in the bureau; such as playing chess, talking about Cricket, or picking on Inspector Fredericks for his actions. The C.I.D. team then goes to the crime scene, and starts their search for evidence. They always believe in one statement: Every criminal always leaves something behind. They search the setting until they find something, even the smallest thing, such as a strand of hair. The body, if it is a murder case, is taken to the forensic lab, where Dr. Salunke and his assistant study the body. Dr. Salunke tells interesting thing on how the person may have died. He may have been stabbed by a knife, but he may be killed by poison. The C.I.D. team interrogates all the witnesses. After a lot of hard work, the C.I.D. team solves the case and catches the criminal.


On 21 January 1998, Sony Entertainment Television and Fireworks Productions launched a weekly crime thriller called C.I.D. CID started off as a half an hour show telecast on Wednesdays, with each case spread out over two episodes. The format was changed in 2005 to a weekly one-hour show that appeared at 10:00 P.M on Friday nights. C.I.D. set a record on 7 November 2004, when B. P. Singh entered the Limca Book of Records and Guinness Book of World Records for canning an entire episode named "The Inheritance" / C.I.D. 111 in a single shot of 111 minutes (1 hour, 51 minutes) without a single cut. According to an old interview with B. P. Singh, he shot six episodes of C.I.D. on Doordarshan (DD) in 1986 'even before Sony TV saw its first daylight'. On 3 January 2005, Sony Entertainment Television and Fireworks Productions launched a daily investigative thriller called CID Special Bureau, which had a run of 168 episodes, and ended on 27 April 2006. CID Special Bureau was also aired on SAB TV. The show also airs in Pakistan on Apna Channel. Beginning on 7 July 2006, a nationwide hunt called "C.I.D. Operation Talaash" was launched, in search of a new officer to join the C.I.D. team, which ended on 1 September 2006. Viivek V. Mashru was declared the winner of the hunt, taking the role of a police inspector who bears his name. After its success, C.I.D.'s producers arranged an award function — CID Gallantry Awards — on 26 January 2010, on Sony Entertainment Television to celebrate their 12th anniversary. In June 2010, the frequency of the episodes went up to two episodes a week. It was increased to three episodes a week starting August 2012.

Journey of CID over 15 years

In January 1998, SET and Fireworks launched a weekly crime - thriller called CID. The show soon earned cult status. Now, CID is celebrating its 15th year of un-interrupted run and is still going strong, entertaining it’s viewers from an age-group of 8 to 80. The first thrilling investigative series on Indian Television, is today one of the most popular shows on Sony Entertainment Television. 

CID, is an investigative series consisting of hard-core police procedural stories dealing with investigation, detection and suspense. Dramatic and absolutely unpredictable, C.I.D. has captivated viewers over the last 15 years and continues to keep audiences glued to their television sets with its thrilling plots and excitement. 

Also interwoven in its fast paced plots are the personal challenges that the C.I.D. team faces with non-stop adventure, tremendous pressure and risk, all in the name of duty. While the stories are plausible, there is an emphasis on dramatic plotting and technical complexities faced by the police. At every stage, the plot throws up intriguing twists and turns keeping the officers on the move as they track criminals, led by the smallest of clues!

CID set another record in November 2004, when Mr BP Singh entered ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ for canning an entire episode of CID in just one single shot of 111 minutes (One Hour Eleven One Minutes) without a single cut.

The success of CID can be gauged by the fact that most production houses tried to clone CID, but couldn’t sustain the show beyond a season.

Winner of numerous prestigious awards in tellydom, CID is considered the bible of suspense thrillers. The CID team comprising of ACP Pradyuman, Abhijit, Daya, Frederick has risen to an iconic status and are equally popular among the young and the old. The mutual chemistry of the cops, the exciting investigation procedures, the mysterious suspects, the unexpected culprits and the overall enthusiastic spirit of the show is what has kept viewers glued to the show for years. 

In 2006, CID flagged off its spin-off, CID Special Bureau, a daily investigative thriller, which had a successful run of 168 episodes. The cops of the CID Special Bureau also became hugely popular with the audience, especially kids even though the CID cops remain the original icons. Till date, the re-runs of CID Special Bureau continue and they have a huge audience. 

CID – the longest running show in the history of Indian television has set high standards for all future programmes of this genre to come. It is a laborious effort of years by Fireworks Production, Mr. BP Singh, Mr.Pradeep Uppoor and their team of actors, writers and production. 

The actors – Shivaji Satam, Aditya Srivastav, Dayanand Shetty, Dinesh Phadnis and others, are the pillars of the show. They don’t just play the parts of the cops’ roles that they essay – they literally breathe them. This is why the cops of CID team seem so closer home and are loved by fans of all generations. Contrary to the image of Indian woman projected in the soap factory nowadays, female cops in CID give the real picture of the new-age woman. A female CID officer is fearless, modern, and straightforward, at par with her male colleagues and every inch the confident woman that you may meet on the road. 

Projection of crime, its investigation, the criminal mind, the human emotions in CID is very realistic and believable. The same holds true for the stories that keep the audience on tenterhooks week after week and keep the cops on their feet throughout that precious 1-hour of crime investigation. Special care is taken to ensure that the story has a great degree of novelty – to keep the crime as mysterious and as puzzling as possible to baffle the cops and intrigue the audience. In spite of that, it is taken care that even though CID deals with the dark world of crime and criminals, nothing that is insensitive to the human psyche and harmful for young impressionable minds is shown. CID in spite of its crime genre is sensitive to the sentiments of its audience. 

CID is a progeny of a unique vision, a faith in that vision and a collective effort towards realizing it. CID is not just a crime thriller, it is an inseparable part of its viewers’ existence. And gauging from the Herculean efforts of the team behind this historical serial, we hope to take this show across another light year.


ACP Pradyuman

A complete no-nonsense cop, ACP Pradyuman is the head of C.I.D. He lives by the saying ‘ Duty comes first’. He proved it by killing his criminal son, placing duty before fatherhood. His personal and professional life can be described in just one word, C.I.D. Every case in his career has just one status, solved!. Not a single criminal, no matter how clever has managed to outwit him for a long time. He is a master investigator and a tough boss. He expects perfection from his team, cares for them, but when it comes to work, he treats them with an iron hand. After all, perfection needs discipline.

Senior Inspector Abhijit

Sr. Insp. Abhijit is a tough cop, he believes in out-thinking criminals. In the absence of ACP Pradyuman, he is the leader. He is more accessible than the ACP, but his personal life is a great mystery. During an earlier operation, criminals thrashed him and left him to die. Somehow, he managed to survive, but lost his memory-permanently. His past comes back to haunt him every once in a while and hence he doesn’t trust anyone, or rather he can’t. The only person he trusts is, Daya. They share a great emotional bond. Because of his forgotten identity, he keeps going through emotional upheavals, but when it comes to work, he is the best!.

Senior Inspector Daya

Daya is a very integral part of the C.I.D team. Apart from using his amazing investigative skills, he also uses his muscle power from time to time to subdue criminals. But he is an emotional person, he will be first the person to rush to his colleague’s help, irrespective of the danger it poses to his life. In spite of being emotional, he is a ruthless cop. He instils great fear among criminals that they start talking the moment they know that Sr. Insp. Daya is on the case.

Sub Inspector Fredricks

Sub Insp. Fredricks is a cop who finds humour even in the darkest of situations. His unusual method of cracking cases is effective, but also funny. But no one minds as long as he cracks the case. In fact, everyone in the team adores him. The only person he is scared of in his life is his wife. In spite of being the longest serving cop in team, he is one of its junior members. But he has a secret ambition, a dream and that is to head the C.I.D one day. 

Sub Inspector Vivek

At just 24 years old, Sub Insp. Vivek is the junior most member of C.I.D. Although inexperienced, he has a knack for cracking cases. His sharp memory and innovative methods make him an indispensable part of the team. His only weakness, he wants to eradicate crime and criminals in just a day. But it is this aim that drives him.

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