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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai Story, Wiki & Details

All about Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai story, synopsis, wiki, tv show details and other in depth information
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai story, wiki & information
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai is STAR Plus tv serial directed by Vikram Labhe and Ajeet Kumar and produced by Prem Kishan and Sunil Mehta. The show premiered on October 3, 2011. The show is about two sisters Jeevika and Maanvi, who love each other enough to share their life and even breath. It is set in the beautiful Rishikesh. 

Maanvi and Jeevika were raised by their parents in the upscale city of Delhi. However, they are orphaned in childhood. After they lose their parents, they have to settle into a middle class, traditional family of Rishikesh, which is a stark contrast to their lives earlier.  They have to grow up stifling any demands they may have openly made earlier, and have to fit into a traditional mould.

Jeevika is older to Maanvi by two years, but she is a lot more mature than her little sister. Maanvi wants to fix everybody elses problems, but in turn tangles it all up. The role of rescuing Maanvi from every new mess rests with Jeevika.

The story revolves around these sisters' undying affection for each other, and how they settle into growing up with old world values. What will happen when Jeevika will marry? Who will look after Maanvi?


Two sisters, Jeevika (Krystal D'Souza) and Maanvi (Nia Sharma), originating from Delhi, move to Rishikesh after the death of their parents to live with their paternal grandmother, 'Beeji' (Anju Mahendru); uncle, Madan 'Chachu' (Mohit Chauhan); aunt, Pinky (Divyajyotee Sharma); cousin, Daboo (Gaurav Kummar) and great grandmother 'Badi Beeji' (Tarla Joshi). Jeevika and Maanvi are opposites with respect to their personalities: where Maanvi is childlike and a troublemaker, Jeevika is subtle, conservative and softspoken. Nevertheless, both sisters care for each other very much and due to their circumstances, Jeevika takes on the responsibility of raising Maanvi and protecting her from harm.Jeevika gets married to Viren Vandhera.Manvi helps Inder to overcome his stammering and mend Virat and his ex-girlfriend Maya's relationship.Later Beeji discovers that Manvi is suffering from cancer and takes her to Rishikesh for her treatment.Meanwhile Virat's relationship with Maya is broken.Swamini holds Manvi responsible for it. Viraat realises that he is in love with Maanvi and he arrives in Rishikesh to confess to her. But he couldn't confess it.Meanwhile Jeevika and the Vandhera family comes to know about Manvi's cancer due to Jeevika's accident. Jeevika commands her sister to stay and continue her treatment in Chandigarh, but takes Maanvi to Mumbai on the recommendation of Viraat, so that Maanvi can trial a new treatment at the clinic of Viraat's friend Dr. Seema (Shraddha Musale). The new treatment involves injections into Maanvi's spine, so Jeevika stays with her in the operating theatre, due to Maanvi's fear of needles. During the procedure, Jeevika cannot bear seeing Maanvi in pain so Viraat steps in to support Maanvi. This event leads to Maanvi realising her love for Viraat. The cancer specialist informs Viraat that the treatment is unsuitable for Maanvi and that her health is declining. Hence, they return to Chandigarh: Maanvi to her previous chemotherapy. After her third session, Maanvi loses a significant amount of hair and decides to shave her head. She isolates herself from the others, especially Viraat, due to worry about her appearance. To offer Maanvi moral support, Viraat shaves his head. On enquiry of his actions by Swamini Bua, he confesses that he loves Maanvi, leaving Maanvi shocked. She returns to Rishikesh in anger, followed by Viraat. He manages to win over Maanvi's family and eventually Maanvi too confesses her love for Viraat. But Virat's family is against their relationship.Jeevika discovers that she is pregnant.Jeevika fully supports Maanvi and Viraat's relationship and along with Viren, manages to convince 'Dadaji' and the rest of the family for their marriage. While the preparations are underway, it is discovered that Maanvi's cancer is incurable. Another specialist is consulted, Dr. Mehra (Mihir Mishra) who informs them that a bone marrow transplant is the only way to save her life. Jeevika cannot donate her bone marrow due to her pregnancy. She now struggles with choosing Maanvi, or her unborn baby. They find a donor, but Maanvi's body rejects the cells. After discovering from Dr. Mehra that finding a perfect match from outside the family is near impossible, Jeevika finally decides to have an abortion to be able to give her bone marrow to Maanvi. She convinces Viren but the couple receive opposition from Maanvi and the rest of the family. Maanvi decides to fight her case in court against Jeevika's decision, with Inder fighting for Maanvi, Viren for Jeevika. After seeing Maanvi's deteriorating health, Jeevika and Viren go ahead with the abortion secretly. However, Virat finds out about Jeevika's abortion and bone marrow transplant, and he is very sad. Virat is hurt that his brother and sister-n-law aborted their very first child for Maanvi. Maanvi's bone marrow transplant is successful, but Jeevika realizes that she had to tell the family the truth.Jeevika confesses to the Vadhera family that she had aborted her child in order to donate bone marrow to Maanvi and save her life.Dadaji forgives Jeevika for aborting her child to save Maanvi's life. Swamini disapproves of Viren and Jeevika's actions.Jeevika tells the truth about her abortion to Maanvi and her family. She reveals to Maanvi that she is her donor.Maanvi vows never to forgive Jeevika for aborting her child.She tells her that she wishes to die rather than live her new life and orders her to leave the hospital.Viren makes her realise that Jeevika made the right decision. Maanvi thanks Jeevika.

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