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Message posted: Jul 21, 2009 10:40 AM
FIR will telecast at 10 from Aug 6, 2009

SAB TVs Popular show FIR will now occupy the prime time slot on the channel. 6 August onward this show will be aired at ten ‘o’clock in the night, so remember to flip channels to SAB TV to get some funny cop action.

“There is no change in the format of the show at all. Only our telecast timings have now shifted to a different time slot. Show will be aired at 10pm every Thursday,” clears Kavita Kaushik, popularly known as bindass haryanavi cop Chandramukhi Chautala since last four years.

She informs, “We are shooting for the promo along with the other three new shows of the ten slots on week days.”

“If the show is good, definitely viewers will find out its changed timing, but frequent change will lead to confusion,” enlightens Miss Chautala. Owing to the ever growing audience of the show, it has been shifted from regular 8 pm slot to prime time slot of ten in the night.

So guys remember to tune in to SAB TV at 10 to file an FIR against tension in Imaan Police Chowki.

FIR will be filed at Ten

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