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All about Kuch Toh Log Kahenge cast and crew with details about the tv show star cast and production crew.
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Cast: Kritika Kamra, Sharad Kelkar, Mohnish Behl, Karan Wahi, Nitesh Pandey, Rukhsar Rehman, Vishal Malhotra, Ishita Sharma, Alok Nath, Vijay Kashyap, Nandita Puri, Kavita Vaid

Directed by Mandar Devasthali, Sharad Pandey & Rishi Mandial


Dr. Ashutosh (played by Sharad Kelkar)

38-year-old tall, fair, ruggedly handsome and composed like a silent volcano hiding much lava, Dr.Ashutosh is the Chief Surgeon and Head Doctor at the Dr.Kotnis General Hospital. He was an orphan who was adopted by Dr Mathur at the age of eight. Dr Mathur rescued him from his plague-infested village, took him under his love and care and educated him. Due to certain circumstances in his life, Dr Ashutosh has stopped trusting any relationship in his life and has become a loner who has built an unbreakable fort around himself because of which he  is also called ‘Father Hard Stone’ by his staff behind his back. There is something dark and mysterious about him. He is a kind of character men will respect and envy, women will die to know more about him. Dr Ashutosh doesn’t open easily. He has a deep resonant voice which, at times, can make on shake with fear or soothe as a balm. He has a stare that should have the license to kill. He has a sense of dry humor which actually underscores his pain. He lives with his caretaker Hiraman who had been taking care of him since he was brought home by Dr Mathur as an 8-year old orphan.

Dr. Nidhi (played by Kritika Kamra)

24 year old Nidhi is cute, spirited, and full of fun and slightly whacky character. She is of medium height, fair, eyes full of mischief and a smile that’s devastating. It will take exactly 10 seconds for any man to fall in love with her. Nidhi is a fresh MBBS graduate who is forced by her retired army officer father Col. Yograj Sharma to become a doctor because it was her late mother’s last wish. She is a fresh intern at Dr.Kotnis General Hospital where Dr Ashutosh is the Chief Surgeon and Head Doctor. While Nidhi is carefree and jovial, she also has a natural gift for absolutely correct medical diagnosis. An only child of her parents, Nidhi is a pampered kid. She is an irrepressible, incorrigible and an incurable prankster. Since her mother is no more in this world, she is like a friend to her father. Nidhi has a wonderful relation with her best friend Anji. Both girls are each other’s moral and emotional support but at the same time, do not miss a chance to have fun at each other’s cost. 

Dr. Mallika (played by Rukhsar)

She was Dr. Ashutosh's junior in the medical college in London and was especially close to him when he was trying to recover from his heartbreak. She has not only been in love with Dr.Ashutosh, but lays her claim on him because of her long standing friendship. At 34, she must have had a pretty face that now is hardened by time and life both of which have been rather cruel to her. With the result that Dr.Mallika is now a lonely and bitter woman. Sleeping pills and whisky help her pass her lonely nights. Because of her love for Ashutosh, she has shut out any other man in her life.

Dr. Mathur (played by Alok Nath)

A retired professor of History, Dr. Mathur is 'Baba' for his adopted son Dr. Ashutosh and  is very fond of him. He is a man of high morals and he has very rigid set of principles that he lives by. To fill a void in his life, he adopted, bestowed all his love and affection on this orphan child.

Anjali Solanki (played by Ishita Sharma)

24-year-old really pretty, almost petite like a delicate flower, Anjali is Nidhi’s best friend. Anji, as Nidhi calls her, has done masters in Fine Arts and wants to be a fashion designer but her father wants her to become a lawyer. When it comes to her father, she is timid and obedient, but with her childhood friend Nidhi, she is on equal terms. Wide-eyed and a little naïve, Anji is not always clued in to Nidhi’s pranks, but she goes along for the sake of their incredible friendship. In spite of her delicate personality, she is the only one who can stand up to Nidhi and force her do what she wants her to do. 

Dr. Rangnath (played by Vishal Malhotra)

32-year-old, the Administrator at the Dr.Kotnis General Hospital, is an incurable flirt and wears his heart on his sleeve for any girl who happens to be in his proximity, be it Dr.Mallika, Swati or other female staff of the hospital. Only when he meets Preiti does he realizes that he has seriously fallen in love with her. The female staff doesn’t mind his flirting because Ranganth is actually a very good administrator and Dr.Ashutosh’s right arm in managing the hospital emergencies. Though he himself is a qualified doctor, he chose to be an administrator because he was honest enough to recognize by his modest performance in M.B.B.S. that he will never be an excellent doctor.

Col. Yograj Sharma (played by Vijay Kashyap)

An ex-army officer, Col. Yograj Sharma is Nidhi’s father. He has retained the personality and the sense of humour of a soldier even after retirement. He is not very tall but handsome, well-built and fair. He shares a unique relationship with his daughter Nidhi.  He teases and fights with her as friends do but at the same time showers his love & care on her. He pampers Nidhi when he wants to, not when she needs to be pampered. He believes that to mature, Nidhi needs to take some tough knocks from life which is why he insists on her becoming a doctor even though she hates it.

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