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Lapataganj Cast & Crew

All about Lapataganj cast and crew with details about the tv show star cast and production crew.
Lapataganj cast
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Cast: Rohitash Gaud, Sucheta Khanna, Vineet Kumar, Shubhangi Gokhale, Abbas Khan, Preeti Amin, Anup Upadhyay, Bharti Achrekar, Rohitash Gaud, Krishna Bhatt, Rakesh Srivastava, Atul Srivastava, Mamta Gurnani

Directed by Dharam Verma

Produced by Garima Dhir & Jalaj Dhir



Mishri Bua (Mishri Bua)

Mishri Bua is the agony aunt of Lapatagunj. She has advice for everyone. She is an extremely emotional kind hearted person who breaks into tears at the drop of a hat.

Surili (Surili)

The daughter of Mishri Bua,She is pretty, poor Surili while sending her on earth, God pressed the mute button so hard that her beautiful expressions in words are limited to “Khao, Jaao, Laao..Aaao”

Biji Pandey

Biji Pandeys real name is Pappu Pandey but since he is always busy, he has been renamed Biji Pandey by the villager. His colorful clothes match his colorful personality. Bright sunglasses, paan stained lips and a pocket comb. If you ever hear loud music, it means Biji is approaching. Above 30 years and he is still ‘biji’ trying to study law… he believes that law can be done anytime in life… and everyone should study law as there is some type of law in everyone – someone is brother in law, someone father in law, else sister or mother in law. Biji is just biji roaming the streets on his bike. and chasing Surili 

Mukundi Lal Gupta

Mango man meaning aam aadmi ! That includes you, me and all the others … age about 35 years…forever smiling …smiling seems to have become a habit… He smiles when he is happy … he also smiles when he is not happy... Mukandi is a govt office clerk... It’s just unusual that he does not take bribe... 


Indumati represents the Indian wife …she is always short on time her husband is God for her ... she speaks slowly, she even scolds slowly… her language  disallows the use of ‘sha!’ Hence shadi is sadi  and khushboo becomes khusboo ... Her urdu words are not pronounced properly either … zindagi is jindagi, zubaan is jubaan... etc

Kachua Prasad

Age – about 45 … he is kachua chacha... He is slow like a kachua (tortoise)... and as thick skinned too … he is affected by nothing, and commits to nothing either. If someone says ‘kachua chacha there are too many potholes on the road’ he would say “now what to do, there are potholes everywhere....” when will they get fixed? “when they get fixed everywhere else, they will get fixed here too...” Kachua chacha doesn’t get angry about anything … not at his own condition or that of all else around him... He is content just crawling along like a tortoise...


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