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Thakur family reacts to Sajjan’s transformation

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Message posted: Jul 30, 2011 1:29 AM
Thakur family reacts to Sajjan’s transformation

In Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya, Sajjan Singh has changed and how. With a mission to impress Ganga, Sajjan Singh has undergone some serious transformation by dyeing his hair and beard black and switching to wearing shirt and trouser too!

The family is shocked not only with his new avatar but his challenge that no one should stop him.

A STAR source shares, “Sajjan Singh has been behaving like a young man in love. While he has dyed his hair and beard black, and even groomed himself with colorful clothes, his dominating behaviour too has mellowed to a chivalrous one –all in an effort to impress the young Ganga. Cupid has struck him hard and he is working on many ideas to woo his love interest. Of course, the entire family is aghast at the transformation and now he is determined to introduce Ganga to the society during the naming ceremony of Shakti’s child. Though, Amma tried to keep Ganga out of the ceremony, Sajjan will warn everyone not to interfere in his plans and will tell his family to prepare for a big announcement soon. What will be his plan? What will be the big announcement?”

Sajjan Singh says, “I don’t understand why everyone at home is so bothered with Ganga. She has not harmed anyone and yet there is uproar in the house as if she has done a heinous crime. I wanted her to see my handsome side, so I coloured my hair. Of course, my look has changed drastically. And everyone’s reactions were varied. I am furious with the way Sumitra spoke about my character. I am the head of the family and can do what I want. Who is she to tell me what to do? I am not going to listen to anyone and am working towards making a big announcement soon. Wait for it.”

Ganga on the other hand found Sajjan’s transformation funny and cute. She claims, “I thought he looked like a joker and I told him so. I think the earlier look suited him more. He looks rather refined that way than in this coloured hair look. I was shocked when I saw him, so much so that I dropped the tray I was carrying. The makeover was startling. I am currently enjoying all the attention he showers on me and loving it. I am not a materialistic person but if I am getting gifts and love and attention, why wouldn’t I want it?”

Pratigya who has had her suspicions about Sajjan and Ganga, is disappointed in her father-in-law. “I am feeling very bad that a man of Bauji’s stature has fallen to this level. This behaviour doesn’t suit him at all, nor does the new look. We were all shocked to see his new avatar which he did to impress the naïve Ganga. I am sure she doesn’t understand her position or the reason he pays attention to her but I hope she does. I don’t blame her for his behaviour. I feel bad for Amma too who has to suffer such insult in her own home at the hands of her husband. I will not let Bauji ruin his life or respect in society on a whim. I will make him see reason and protect my family. I don’t know how but I will stop this madness,” she vows.

Krishna aka Arhaan Behl seems to be oblivious to Ganga’s position or Sajjan’s behaviour as he claims, “I think Bauji looked funny in his new getup. I think probably he didn’t realise that this experiment would result so. What was the need for him to try such a look at this age? The dhoti –kurta look suits his stature the most.”

Bristling Amma is very annoyed and angry with everything in her life- Pratigya, Sajjan and Ganga. “Nothing is going right in my life. Everything that I had worked hard for seems to be slipping away from my hands. After such a lot of effort, I got Pratigya thrown out but now she is back, pretending to support me in front of my own family. I don’t need her help. My own husband is behaving like shamelessly and panting after the young Ganga. Being a woman, I have no option but to suffer as a woman can fight the world for her family but can never fight her own man if he chooses to humiliate her. He is misusing his power and putting his status and position in the society at stake. Mark my words, this lapse in his judgment will cause dire consequences. His actions and behaviour are unforgivable. I am frustrated and unable to stop him.”

Cursing his luck Shakti aka Jaswant says, “I wish I had gone to collect payment from the farmer as he would then have given his daughter Ganga to me. It was my bad luck that Bauji went and now Ganga belongs to him. His new look is weird and funny. I don’t think it suits him at all. What is the need for this change as she is with him anyway. I think he has lost it.”

Will the family's reaction force Sajjan to change his attitude or push him further? What is this big announcement he has planned? To find out keep watching Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya every Monday to Friday at 10.30 pm only on STAR Plus.

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