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Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya Story, Wiki & Details

All about Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya story, synopsis, wiki, tv show details and other in depth information
Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya story, wiki & information
Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya

Love stories happen when two people have the same feeling towards each other of liking, desire and passion. But this is a love story of two people who are together for all the wrong reasons. The story is based in a small town of Allahabad, where the smallest thing happening in one’s house is known to everyone. Women lead a very careful lifestyle because men are seen as superior to them by some people. Social rights for women are not valued as much in this town and are taken for granted. Most women are treated poorly, indeed. Education is not seen as a strong attribute for a women in society.

Such is not the story for the Saxena family. Though they have their values and tradition in place, they believe in educating their daughters without any hesitation. Pratigya and Aarushi consider themselves lucky to be born in this family, which in retrospect, they are. Their father has left no stones unturned to provide his daughters the same education as he has provided for his son, despite pressure from relatives and the rest of society. They are a closely knit family. Returning from her college to Allahabad, she slaps Angad(Kunal Kapoor) for misbehaving with her with ill motives. This starts the problems in her life which she is unaware of. Krishna saw her. When he is about to, he sees her face and admires her beauty. He falls in love with her at first sight and decides to marry her at any cost even his father sajjansingh refuses. Pratigya also goes out for shopping to meet her friends, unaware that Krishna has developed a liking for her. Later on, Pratigya and her family finds out Krishna is the Thakur's son, who is the richest and influential man in town. Despite her middle class background, he still respects Pratigya alot and never bore any ill feelings for her. Krishna is very arrogant and rude, like the rest of his family but he has a good heart. The way he is brought up by his family causes him to act aggressive towards others. Also, he carries a gun around because of which no one questions him. From the day he has seen Pratigya, his day and nights revolved around her existence. Krishna’s friends too have started considering Pratigya as their Bhabhi(sister-in-law) making sure that nobody troubles her.

Pratigya doesn’t even see eye to eye with Krishna. He doesn’t exist for her. She is unaware of the troubles Krishna creates for others if they are unkind or extra nice to her. Krishna with full right makes Pratigya's life his business. His obsession towards Pratigya doesn’t take long for Pratigya and her family to realize that there is some guy who is after her. The family decides to get Pratigya married soon and Pratigya also willingly agrees for it. Pratigya's family arranges a boy for her named Nitin. Pratigya completes her engagement with him. But later Angad(villain) severely injures him and kidnaps Pratigya. The blame goes upon Krishna. But Krishna, as he is a Thakur, had no problem. Later Pratigya becomes ready to marry Krishna to take revenge on him for what she thinks he had done including her kidnapping, insulting her family by writing Krishna's and Pratigya's name on the wall opposite their house which was actually done by Angad. As a means to gain the equal amount of control, Adarsh, Pratigya's brother, decides to marry Komal, Krishna's sister to make certain that no one in the Thakur's household will treat Pratigya badly. During the marriage, Pratigya also comes to know that Krishna is uneducated. She intends to take revenge from him and stop the various injustice regarding women in his house. But Krishna, who does not know anything about what happened to her , tries his best to win her love.

Pratigya now wants to oppose and stop the various insults that women are facing in that house. She takes a pratigya (pledge) to save the respect of herself and also her sister-in-law(Kesar who is Krishna's bhabhi), whose husband beats her often without reasons and has got her aborted for 4 times because he does not want a dark-skinned child. The new challenge for Pratigya is to protect Kesar's unborn child, but she does not understand that she needs the support of Krishna in all her fights. They succeed in saving the child. On the other hand, Komal finds out that her husband used to love a girl named Roli, an old friend of Pratigya's. They have a big fight, but in the end, they patch up. He says he loved her before the wedding, but forgot her later. Komal finally accepts her new life, family and husband. The finally starts to get along with all of them.

One day, the house's servant makes Pratigya eat some old pickle. She gets sick and runs to throw up. Her parents-in-law think that she's pregnant. They start celebrating. Pratigya tries to tell them that she is not pregnant but Krishna stops her. He wants to see his parents happy and wants them to live in the illusion. Days pass, Pratigya's mother-in-law suspects that Pratigya is not really pregnant. She arranges a puja. Pratigya cannot sit in the puja and tells her in laws the truth. They all think that it was her plot, that she lied to them so that she could get special treatment. They throw her out of the house and all through this, Krishna does not stand up for his wife. He doesn't defend her. He doesn't tell his parents the truth that he told her to continue instead he slapped hard on Pratigya's cheek which made Pratigya cry like a baby and she went away to her mother's house.. But he deeply regrets his actions... He misses her a lot and notices how much she means to him. He tries to bring her back but Pratigya's family members pose a condition- if Krishna's father comes to take her home, only then would she go. Krishna's father goes to their house and brings his daughter back instead. He poses a condition that Pratigya could only come back if she apologized for her actions to everyone in the family.

Angad, on the other hand, decides to set up a new business. He tells Pratigya's father the truth on how he was the one who beat up Pratigya's fiance and how he was the one who kidnapped her. He says he took some sexy photos of her and would spread them around it he is not given 5 lakh rupees in 5 days. Pratigyas father cannot get hold of the money so Angad says he will marry Arushi instead which she is not very happy with and runs away from home. Luckily Pratigya finds her and also finds out that it was Angad who kidnapped her and not Krishna and finds out what Angad has been asking for (Arushis hand in marriage). Pratigya confrunts Angad and gets him arrested. Her father tells Pratigya not to tell Krishna about the kidnapping and all the terrible things Angad has done because this would make Krishna angry and he would end up killing him Now Angad is out of prison he has set himself goals to ruin Pratigya's life. Angad was let out from the prison. That very night he got killed by Professor Saxena. Now Professor is in prison and Pratigya and Adarsh are trying to get Professor out by hiring a lawyer to fight the case. This has caused a rift between Pratigya and Krishna, as Krishna thinks that Pratigya is going against his father, Thakur Sajjan Singh.

 - Pratigya is her father, Shyam ji Saxena’s daughter and pride. She is a stubborn and beautiful girl who loves helping her mother at home. She feels lucky that her family allowed her to complete her education unlike her other friends. After her schooling she was sent to Lucknow to complete her graduation only on et their rights. Like her father, she too believes that education is the key to happy life. Pratigya is very close to her mother and her younger sister, Aarushi. She is a strong girl who tends to find happiness in the small things in life.But she never understands Krishna's love for her and his concern for her and her family's respect. Now that Pratigya is married to Krishna she wants revenge from him for doing the bad stuff that she thought he had done, but Krishna did not actually do all the bad things that Pratigya thought he had done, Angad has done all the bad things.

 - He considers him lucky to be born in a family where he has everything and he need not work. With his father’s support and brother’s encouragement, Krishna didn’t pursue studies after class five. He doesn’t regret the same as he feels that he has everything. His mentality towards women is not fully the same as his father and brother. Earlier he felt that women were mere objects of pleasure and comfort, as long as you give them food, you can treat them the way you want. He had never seen his mother or his bhabhi object to it, and expected the same from his wife. He feels that he is romantic and nobody can love the way he does. He felt that if he loved anyone and got married to her then she should feel grateful and worship him. But later his mentality changed. He loves Pratigya too much and respects her and can also die for her. He always supports her even going against his family also but does not understands why Pratigya hates him. He had also once cut his wrists for her and is ready to do anything for her. He believes that anything he does for Pratigya, which includes saving her from Angad and sending her love notes, is because he loves her. He also cares a lot about Pratigya's respect and her entire family.

Thakur Sajjan Singh
 - He is Krishna's father and loves him the most and does anything for his happiness. He is very much proud as he is a Thakur and does not treat his wife well. He does not like Krishna's respect and love for Pratigya and feels that women are inferior to men. He constantly taunts both his sons and isntigates them against their wives.

Thakur Shakti Singh
 - Shakti is Krishna's elder brother. He has the same mentality as his father and feels women are inferior to men. He is very proud to be a Thakur and did not like Krishna marrying a Kayasth girl and respecting and loving her too much. He does not treat his wife, Kesar, well and beats her up, often for no apparent reason. He is afraid that he will have a dark-complexioned child like Kesar and quietly aborts her pregnancies and pretends to his family that she is infertile.

Komal Singh
 - Komal is the younger sister of Krishna and youngest sibling in the Thakur family. She is married to Pratigya’s brother, Adarsh. Like all other members of her family, she is an aggressive girl who does not respect elders or social norms. She is blunt and has an abrasive personality.

 - Sajjan's Singh's mother is the eldest member of the Thakur family. She doesn't talk and uses a bell to gain attention. She gets as little respect as the other woman of the Thakur household from the men.

 - Shyam Saxena's mother, whom the children refer to as Daadi, is an educated woman with sound common sense. She gives advice and voices her opinion on everything. She loves her grandson more than anyone else and takes full credit of his upbringing. She has a sharp tongue and constantly complains about something or the other.

Shyam Saxena
 - Professor Shyam Saxena is respected in the community and known for his principles and ethics. He is proud of the fact that even though they stay in a small town, he has not discriminated among his children. He values education highly and educated his daughters against the advice of his relatives and friends. he kills angad to protect aarushi. he is then guilty and confesses his crime and is arrested

Naina Saxena
 - Professor Saxena's wife Naina, treats komal like a daughter and thinks stupid howerver she love her children. Always tries to keep peace between the families - agreeing with the views of both her husband and her in-laws.

Adarsh Saxena
 - The eldest child of Saxena household, Adarsh is a simple and decent young man. He adores his family and is the typical obedient and successful son. He works in a bank and is happy that he can contribute to the family and lessen his father’s burden. He takes full responsibility of getting his sisters married. He is an introvert and hence is uncomfortable with public displays of affection or being in the center of too much attention. He is very protective about his sisters but always supports them as far as education is concerned. Like his sister, he too believes that discussion rather than violence can resolve issues. When he is troubled, he prefers to be quiet and aloof. Adarsh is an ideal son and a good brother as he protects his family from angads evilness

Aarushi Saxena
 - The youngest in the Saxena family, Aarushi, is very romantic. She feels love is a fairy tale. And everything is fair in love. As she is the youngest, the family always take her helping hand to complete their work. She treats Pratigya more like a friend than an older sister. She is very fun-loving, but she does not hesitate to give her insight in tough situations.

Angad Yadav
 - He is a local goon who does not respect women. Pratigya had slapped him on a public train because of teasing her and that's why he wants to take revenge from Pratigya and also Krishna, who supports and loves Pratigya. He broke Pratigya's engagement by severely injuring fiancé, and kidnapped her and created many troubles for her so that Pratigya blames Krishna for these and hates him and misunderstands his true love. He admitted that he is one of Pratigya's deewana. Now he is set to destroy Pratigya's married life by blackmailing her family. He already has had conflict with Krishna and has fought with him. Fortunately Krishna defeated him. He is then killed by adarsh and Shyam and after mr shyam goes to the police station and tell that he kills angad and goes to jail.pratigya and adarsh are trying to find a lawyer and they dont no that sajjan singh is against taking shyam out of jail and a lawyer did a advice telling that there is one lawyer who can bail him out of jail his name is AMAN MHATHUR and krishna is beating the same lawyer aman mhatur and you can coutinue the show on starplus.

Tunna and Chandu
 - Krishna's best friends who help Krishna out with his problems

Lucky and Jugnu
 - Angad's friends

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