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Kokila wants Gopi to be the ideal bahu

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Message posted: Jul 30, 2011 1:23 AM
Kokila wants Gopi to be the ideal bahu

In Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, the ladies of Modi family have accepted a challenge of proving who is the best saas-bahu jodi in their colony. Kokila is sure that she will win the competition and prove to everyone that her Gopi bahu is the best.

A STAR source elaborates, “In the maha episode, there will be saas-bahu competition wherein Kokila will take up an open challenge to prove to the women in the colony that her bahu is not an illiterate and announce that she will win the competition with her. Kokila will then get busy teaching Gopi how to handle challenges in life. In the competition apart from Kokila-Gopi, Hetal-Rashi and Urmi-Kinjal too will participate.”

Talking about the competition, a confident Kokila says, “One of the ladies in my colony challenged me that I can never win a saas-bahu competition as my bahu is illiterate. This made me very angry, so I took up her challenge to prove that my daughter-in-law can handle everything in life and she knows everything about her sasuma. The competition will basically have three segments first a quiz on mother-in-laws, followed by a cooking competition and later a garba dance competition. I know Gopi bahu will excel in all.”

It is no doubt that Kokila is a progressive mother-in-law and allows her Gopi to pursue her studies but also wants her to fulfill the duties of a daughter-in-law. Won’t the competition be taxing on Gopi? “Yes, my relationship with my daughter-in-law is not the typical saas-bahu relationship. In fact, I allow Gopi bahu to study and also encourage her to woo Ahem. Mujhe nahi lagta hain ki usme kuch galat soch hain, kyunki woh Modi parivaar ki bahu bhi hain. Aur main chahti hoon jis kaam main woh nipun hain us kaam main use koi bhi laparwahi nahi hone chahiye. I am confident that this time too we will win and thereby make a hat trick in winning the competition. Earlier, we won a garba competition between Ahem and Gopi and later the cricket match too. I want to show everyone in my colony that my Gopi is the adrash bahu.”

Further she adds, “Moreover, I also tell Gopi bahu to stay away from her sister Rashi, who makes trouble for her every time and is selfish. Rashi is useless as she can’t cook well or manage the house properly. I have instructed Gopi bahu that during the competition, she shouldn’t take any help from Rashi or help her in anyway. Just stay away from her.”

Kokila might be confident but Gopi is very nervous regarding the upcoming competition. “It is very difficult for me to manage everything. And now I wonder how will I perform in the competition? I know Maaji is helping me out, but I have to study while ensuring that work in the kitchen and home doesn’t suffer either. Maaji is also teaching me some Garba steps that we would perform during the competition. I hope I can deliver and live up to her expectations.”

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