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Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Cast & Crew

All about Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah cast and crew with details about the tv show star cast and production crew.
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Cast & Characters


Jethalaal (Dilip Joshi)

Jethalaal is an uneducated Gujarati businessman who is a god fearing , family loving man. He runs an electronic store Ghadha Electronics. He is a smart businessman who knows how to make money. Jethalaal keeps facing problems created by his innocent wife Daya, mischevious BrotherInLaw Sundar and naughty son Tappu. Jetha has an innocent crush on his neighbor Aiyyar’s wife Babita.

Champaklaal (Amit Bhatt)

The father of Jethalaal, Champaklaal is an old wise man. He has a very loving personality. He treats his daughter in law Daya as his daughter and loves Tappu very much. He would get very angry if Jetha ever scolds Daya or Tappu. But he never ignores any bad habit or problem creating activities of Tappu and always teaches him the right things. He shares a love and hate relationship with his son Jethalaal.


The only daughter of ‘Mr. Bhide’, is a very sweet child, well mannered and cultured. She is an intelligent girl and very systematic. She is Tapu’s friend and Bhide is fearful that tapu and Sonu may become more than friends some day.

Tapu / Tipendra (Bhavya Gandhi)

Tapu is Jethalaal’s 10 year old son - a very sweet, innocent, smart yet very naughty, mischievous, hyper active and ultra modern kid. Tapu is the ‘Hero’ of all the kids in the society. The kids have formed a group called “Tapu Sena”. He is very attached to his grandfather Champaklaal and respects his parents a lot. Tappu Sena is always active in solving problems of the society and taking new initiatives.

Taarak Mehta (Sailesh Lodha)

He is a very famous journalist and writes a humor column for a weekly magazine and is well known and respected in the world of literature. He is also the Narrator of the show who introduces all the characters to the viewers. Taarak Mehta stays in the same housing society as Jethalaal and other families. He considers himself very intelligent and can have endless discussions on all topics, which irritates his wife. He is very fond of giving advice & loves solving Jethalal’s problems. Jethalaal completely trusts Taarak Mehta and finds a philosopher and friend in him. Taarak Mehta is completely fascinated by this Gujarati Businessman.

Mrs. Mehta (Neha Mehta)

She is a young, sophisticated and modern woman. She is a dietician by profession and controls her husband Taarak Mehta’s diet as well.

Daya Ben (Disha Wakani)

She is an innocent uneducated housewife. Her family is the center of her world. She loves her husband and is very respectful of Champaklal. Her stupidity makes life difficult for Jethalal. She is very proud of her son Tappu and her brother Sundar. Champaklal is a rescuer for her who shields her from Jetha’s anger whenever she creates trouble. Her over caring attitude towards Jethalal creates embarrassing situations for Jethalal.

Mr. Bhide (Mandar)

A teacher by profession he runs a coaching class in his apartment. He is a man of principles and always refers to his younger days as example to everyone. He proudly introduces himself as the “Ekmev Secretary Of Gokuldham society”. He has a constant problem with tappu and his tappu Sena. His daughter Sonu is a member of Tappu Sena and Bhide has a hard time facing Tapu Sena and their fun activities. Bhide has a love hate relationship with jethalal. They never leaves a chance to make fun of each other. 

Madhavi Bhide (Sonalika Joshi)

Madhvi is a sweet lady who does a small business of “pickles and papad”. She involves her husband Mr Bhide also, in the business. She is very fond of Tappu.

Dr. Haathi (Kavi Kumar Azad)

‘Dr. Haathi’ is very fat and keeps falling off to sleep in the middle of conversations. All the society’s residents go to him for medicines. He speaks very little and softly. The entire ‘HAANTHI FAMILY’ are as fat as each other as though they are competing with each other. His fat son is in ‘Tiku’s’ gang.

Roshan Sodhi (Gurucharan Singh)

The ever enthusiast and hot blooded Sardar runs a garage. Mr. Sodhi is very short tempered wants to fight out every problem. But he is equally a sweet and loving family man who will do anything for his family and society.

Mrs. Roshan Sodhi (Jennifer)

Sodhi’s wife, she is the sweetheart of Sodhi and a very sweet and innocent housewife.

Gogi Sodhi (Samay Shah)

The son of Mr and Mrs Roshan, he is a cute child and a member of tapu Sena.

Babita (Moonmoon)

Babita is the beautiful and modern wife of scientist Aiyyar. She has a very contrasting pair with her husband Mr Aiyaar. She is a figure conscious lady.  

Mrs Hathi (Ambika)

Dr Hathi’s wife is always worried about the over eating of her husband and her son. She keeps making things for them to eat and tries to prevent them from over eating.

Goli (Kush Shah)

Dr Hathi’s son is just as fat as his father and is a member of ‘Tapu's’ gang. He loves to eat and keeps his focus on food in all situations.

Abdul (Sharad Sankla)

Abdul has a Kirana store outside the society which is ameeting point for the gents member of the society everyevening. Abdul is a family member for all the society members and is an active partner in all actions happening in the society.

Nattu Kaka (Ghanshyam Naik)

The old faithful shop manager at Gada electronics, nattu kaka is another sample in Jethalal’s life. His stupid ideas for sale and sudden outbursts in English create problems for society.

Popatlal (Shyam Pathak)

The fire brand rporter of Toofan Express has  a single solution for all problems – “cancel karo bhai”. He is very hyper and aggressive and always talks about turning the whole world upside down. He is single and wanting to get married. His most beloved possession is his umbrella.

Mr Aiyar (Tanuj Mahashabde)

Mr Aiyar is a scientist and is not very involved in the society on  adaily basis. His biggest irritation is the harmless flirting of Jethalal with Babita. His dark complexion and Babita’s milky white complexion creates an intriguing pair for the society. And the most disappointed is Jethalal.


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