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Uttaran reviews

January 22, 2010

This serial was good initially but has consistently gone on losing steam since Tapasya married Veer. With Iccha's consistent refusal to see what Tapasya's character is all about and her desire to protect her even to the extent of sacrificing Veer (as if he were a sacrificial goat) has to be the limit. I bet she will protect her friend 'Tapu" from the blame of getting the flak for nearly suceeding in the plot to eliminate her. To make matters worse I am unable to understand the role of Veer's brother in all this. It would be the ultimate if now it is Veer's turn to sacrifice Iccha for his older brother. I dont know why the director does not have the guts to go ahead with the story and bring it to a logical end instead of spinning fabrications and complicating it. Its disgusting.

January 23, 2010

episode shown on 23/1/2010 ("special episode" - " my foot ") . This guys are actualy playing with emotions of people. On 22nd they show all that tapasya gets caught etc. here people are exited

and on 23rd they change into a dream that is also acceptable we r used to it nowadays... Then they show tappu cries n she remembers all her sweet and bad memories with icchha ..........looks as if she has changed but then she comes home n says " thanks to icchha ! Ab hamme darne ki koi jarurat nahi hai!!! HOW SICK IS THIS.....



February 15, 2010

I thought that the director has realized his mistake and would make the suitable arrangements for Iccha's marriage to Veer considering that the poor guy was duped into a fraud ( and therefore the marriage is null and void legally) and then we thought that he would catch on to the complexities of Tapasya trying her best to bump off her best friend for good. When all else failed we hoped that the elder brother would learn of their love and back out from the marriage. It seems all our viewers hopes seem to be doomed. The storyline is getting more absurd. The first time around the bride got changed and now the scene seems set for the bridegroom to get changed and another farce of a marriage taking place. More than anything I still have not got head or tail of Iccha's undying obsession for dear Tapu, It just does not clear up no matter what and even a pistol shot in the abdomen could not clear the misconception so what else will. There really is no hope for this waste of a time serial where I dont know what message they are trying to give the viewer. It began so well and it is going to end so pathetically its kind of tragic. We have all sorts of clowns getting the Padma Bhushan maybe this guy who writes the script for this one surely deserves one next time.

April 15, 2010

I can't understand why Tappu is so intellegent that she could fool her father - A Bundela? Does the director know who Bundelas are? This serial is a total disrespect to the Indian culture and parenting. Tapu and Iccha are going against the parents and the soceity. There are so many criminal acitvities Tappu is involved in and the director is still allowing her to reign. If this continues, tamatoes, eggs and stones will be pelted on the office. What kind of example are you setting for the audience?

Anyways who can blame the director or the script writer, they have to simply follow the trend Ekta Kapoor has set because who doesn't wants TRP but they don't realise it will die like how miserable Jassi died when they unnecessarily changed her track and extended the serial.

October 12, 2010

how ridiculous veer going on blaming ichha.....wot wud have veer done if he wud have been in place if ichchha n his brother threating to commit suicide if veer went ahead with ichchha..wud he have thot abt ichchha or his brother.???.he also sacrificed ichchha for his brother ...he's jus refusing to let go off his ego cos he has never been blackmailed to finally sacrifice things..ichchha has made mistakes but she has realised now...if he wud've been given a choice vansh or ichchha whom would ve he chosen????

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